Friday, 8 January 2010

introducing 'fluorescent lighting', more 'beauty in the struggle'

I haven't updated in ages so I mauled jamie jones' scanner to try and catch up.

Flourescent Lighting is something I've been workin on in developing my final outcome: a study of silhouettes, and silhouettes can leave and impression and ultimately define how something is perceived. I wanted to explore the powerful and sometimes disorienting effect of intense black-and-white contrast - hoping to suggest the flickering of the fluorescent lighting every locale in my everyday life is illuminated by. silhouettes are essentially a contrast in their surroundings created by the shape of whoever casts it; ultimately, a mark of a person's visual impact.

what's interesting is how altering one's silhouette changes the impact they make, and thus how they are perceived. only the naked, shaven body can cast a 'real' silhouette. everything else - clothes, hats, hairstyles - ultimately affects how the person is defined.

the altered silhouette, I find, is a symbol of artifice - a conscious move to affect how one is perceived. I compare this artifice with the idea of truth and lies, fantasy and reality.

I found myself looking at drugs culture as a symbol of artifice - using drugs being to immerse oneself in an artificial mindset, a chemically-altered state of being where one's fears, insecurities and worries are minimal, or even nonexistent - and as I found myself at party after party, I thought about how my drawings could resemble fevered thoughts, rambling conversations - and the kind of scrap doodles you might find passed around for fun at a sesh.

with the contrast created by black and white I aim to suggest that feeling of being in a room lit by a fluorescent light that's flickering just enough for you to notice, but not enough to focus on, and that weird little confused tension you feel under it.

I've been working in my journal also additionally as well.

bear safe for readin breh, s'been jokes. happy new year an shit.