Wednesday, 11 November 2009

new blog, introducing 'beauty in the struggle'

I thought I'd get a blog cos everyone else has got one and it makes me feel really out of the loop to not have one. so I got one so I can show off my work to the rest of the illustration cohort and hopefully they'll think mine is rad and get jealous like I do theirs.

Beauty in the Struggle is the title of my personal journal (which sounds pretensh as fuck, but I accidentally came up with a bitchin title while I was comparing the sexual symbolism in two paintings of napoleon, so it's sound). the journal is where I keep all my rambling but often profound, poignant (but mostly lustful) musings on life, art, relationships, all that carry on. it's kind of the messy back room to all my sketchbooks, as 99% of my course work is informed by this scatty little refill pad.
which means I'll most likely be submitting it for assessment. which means whoever's marking it is going to think I'm a huge pain in the arse for writing so much, and a total sex mess freakshop for writing about things like fantasizing about your best friend and how weird it is to have a hot dentist.

...I also learned today that the blog editing tool is actually enough to drive you insane.
As you might have gathered I like exposing more of myself through my journal than I probably should.

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