Sunday, 5 December 2010

introducing 'my pet shark'

My Pet Shark is the story of what would happen if I had a bipedal shark for a pet. I have to share a bed with him and he snores, and he eats all the food, and I can't play out with the skaters cos he bites everyone's skateboard. he just fucks everything up.
so I hide from him, and eventually he gets upset and leaves. I miss the shark, and after a while I learn that as much of a pain as he is, the fact he's always there with what I experience means he's part of me - and he comes back. and everything is brilliant ever after.

in the story, everyone has a huge sea creature representing their sexual identity. the shark is a phallic symbol; powerful, energetic, but lacking direction; my character goes to ex-sea creature communion and meets a lesbian with a similar problem with a... big octopus. the story is a simple allegory for the final part of the coming-out process - living openly as a gay person - and despite its adult themes, I'd like to think it'd be good to show to kids. unless you're all, y'know, GOD HATES SHARKS about everythin.

also, definitely just gonna make quite small posts from now on. trying to get ambitious with blogspot is like trying to get blood out of a tetris block.

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